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Don’t Miss Our $49 AC Tune-up Special!

Have you scheduled your AC tune-up yet? Summer is on its way, and for just $49, we’ll perform a full tune-up on your system. Give us a call now to get on our schedule!

HVAC, Conover, NC


We are motivated to help our neighbors and customers to ensure that when it’s HOT outside, they will be sitting comfortably in their homes. We do this by performing a 10-step AC tune-up.  This tune-up will include the following services that will make ALL the difference to the operation of your HVAC system and could have an immediate impact on your electric bill. We will:

  1. Calibrate your thermostat using Bluetooth technology.
  2. Check all electrical components and controls associated with your HVAC system.
  3. Clean your outdoor condensing coil (by chemical treatment).
  4. Remove ALL debris from inside of outdoor system.
  5. Check all ductwork to ensure ducts are connected and sealed.
  6. Inspect the air handler and/or furnace coil to ensure proper operation.
  7. Check refrigerant pressures. If the system is low, we will also perform an electronic leak detection test to locate the leak.
  8. Clean indoor coil(s). (Note: This is not included in most maintenance agreements.)
  9. Check airflow at each supply in your home with technology capable of reading CFMs (airflow volume).
  10. Add up to 1 pound of R410-A refrigerant (if needed after leak search is performed).

“You guys are the best. Friendly, timely, clean, and great work. Thanks for the spring tune-up cleaning service.”

–GMB review

We’re a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience. Call us now to schedule your $49 AC tune-up!

Note: This tune-up and inspection is designed to get your HVAC system ready for the season. If, during the inspection, issues with your system are discovered, these issues will be documented with pictures/video, so you, the homeowner, can visually witness the issues that need to be addressed. Options for repair of issues will be given at time of inspection. The tune-up service does not cover any part/repair/additional refrigerant the system may need to ensure proper operation.