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Heat pumps are a great option to help keep your home comfortable.

Your house should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable, but to achieve that, you need the right HVAC equipment. At Jenkins Services Group, LLC, we offer a variety of heating and cooling units to control your home’s indoor temperature and humidity. Heat pumps are one option we carry, and we would be happy to tell you more about them if you’re not familiar with them.

Heat Pumps in Mooresville, North Carolina

Heat pumps are designed to move heat from one place to another. A heat pump extracts heat from outside sources and then pumps that heat inside your home during the colder months. In the warmer months, it works in reverse to remove the heat inside your home and send it outside. Essentially, it acts as a heater and air conditioner all in one, and it comes with many excellent advantages. Here are some attributes of heat pumps:

  • Energy Efficient- Compared to many other heating and cooling systems, heat pumps are incredibly efficient. That means you can enjoy lower utility bills and put that money toward something else.
  • Eco-Friendly- Because heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels, they reduce your carbon emissions. They allow you to keep your home comfortable and protect the environment simultaneously.
  • Low Maintenance- Heat pumps don’t require much maintenance, although we advise you to schedule maintenance with one of our technicians at least once a year just to make sure your unit is still in good condition.

If you’re interested in a heat pump for your home in Mooresville, North Carolina, request your free estimate today.

At Jenkins Services Group, LLC, we install heat pumps for customers in Denver, Newton, Conover, Claremont, Long Island, Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Terrell, Sherrills Ford, Maiden, and Catawba, North Carolina.